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Prom is the most important event for a girl. After all, you really want to shine on your last day at school, college or university. An important element of any look is the hairstyle. We have selected the best hair styles for any hair length!
18-05-2024, 15:57 Admin 295
The famous hair stylist, co-author and lecturer of the sensational “Beautiful Hair Marathon” Elena Nevmerzhitskaya published a post on social networks about what to do with your hair if it is no longer fresh and you don’t want to wash your hair at all.
18-05-2024, 15:57 Admin 359
A sense of style is a quality that not everyone is endowed with. The paradox is that you can have a few basic things in your wardrobe and create stylish looks every day, but you can spend half your salary on buying a lot of clothes and still look cheap. For various reasons, many of our compatriots
18-05-2024, 15:57 Admin 333
What is written in glossy magazines is one thing, but our own money, which we spend on beauty treatments, is another. And I want them to be given for truly effective procedures. Our editor decided to try RSL sculpting, the magical effect of which everyone is talking about.
9-05-2024, 08:30 Admin 52 025
Red lipstick is bright, bold, sexy and always relevant. It is a universal accessory for any girl in almost any situation - the image will look democratic, but at the same time incredibly sexy.
8-05-2024, 10:30 Admin 109
The heat forces us to give up some cosmetics, but we wouldn’t want to get rid of light foundation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a selection of the best foundations that are perfect for hot summer days.