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» Материалы за Январь 2024 года
14-01-2024, 14:14 Admin 681
Perfumes, like other cosmetic products, have their own beauty secrets. Therefore, we decided to tell you about the main mistakes when applying fragrances that affect the durability and richness of perfume notes!
14-01-2024, 14:14 Admin 676
Beetroot or beetroot is truly a Ukrainian vegetable. After all, it is from it that our most favorite national dish is prepared - borscht. But in addition to taste and bright color, beets also have a huge range of beneficial properties for health and beauty. Do you want to know which ones? Read our
14-01-2024, 14:14 Admin 572
There are many causes of redness in the whites of the eyes. If the process is not accompanied by pain, most likely the problem can be solved at home. Read about the most common causes of eye redness and methods for eliminating them in our material.
14-01-2024, 14:14 Admin 514
Thin hair requires special care, because in order to achieve voluminous styling you will have to put in extra effort. All the secrets are already in the material!
13-01-2024, 13:11 Admin 322
They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul; by looking at it, you can say a lot about your personal qualities. However, a woman’s character can also be determined by other “eyes” - the same ones that most men first pay attention to. What can breasts tell about their owner?
13-01-2024, 13:11 Admin 254
Luxury should remain inaccessible: this is what Chanel believes. The brand's management decided to limit the number of bags sold per person. Now the buyer will be able to purchase only one bag per year. Why? Find out in our material.