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» Материалы за Февраль 2024 года
26-02-2024, 13:38 Admin 733
If you only associate “Sex on the Beach” with a cocktail, it’s time to reveal all the secrets of this phrase. What to wear, where to run and what to take with you for sex adventures on the beach - read our article.
14-02-2024, 17:06 Admin 52 778
The life of celebrities consists of constant hair styling, flights, busy work schedules and stress. All this has a negative impact on their curls. Some stars start wearing artificial hair even before the condition of their hair deteriorates, while for other celebrities, a wig is a necessary measure.
14-02-2024, 17:06 Admin 55 863
An active lifestyle dictates its own rules. But it is the face that is our calling card, and we should not forget that most people rate our “portrait” zone, and it should be an A plus.
14-02-2024, 16:40 Admin 939
Naomi Campbell celebrates her birthday on May 22. This year the world famous model turns 50 years old. During her career, she managed to become a legend, turn the fashion world upside down and join the ranks of real style dictators. The model became famous not only for her appearance, but also for
13-02-2024, 12:16 Admin 285
On October 28, our favorite “beauty”, Julia Roberts, blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Since success largely depends on appearance, we decided to take a close look at her dressing style, analyze successful images and fashion failures.
12-02-2024, 18:35 Admin 275
Alexander Pedan and Natalya Ezhova told how not to lose passion in routine and maintain a happy marriage. It’s worth taking note of current advice.