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Doctors have differing opinions about douching. Gynecologists prescribe douching with chamomile less and less, since there are many other methods that show greater effectiveness and do not affect the microflora. However, the popularity of traditional methods among patients does not decrease. Not
14-06-2024, 13:01 Admin 278
Alexander Pedan and Natalya Ezhova told how not to lose passion in routine and maintain a happy marriage. It’s worth taking note of current advice.
If you want to wake up easily and feel great every morning, as well as lose weight and improve your health, then quickly read about the habits that will help you achieve all this!
14-06-2024, 13:01 Admin 1 847
The fashion world is slowly starting to come back to life after the pandemic. Many famous designers abandoned shows in the usual format and decided to master new technologies. Thus, the iconic Chanel opened a series of cruise shows in a virtual format. The brand presented the new collection online,
14-06-2024, 13:01 Admin 1 085
Many girls are looking for workout options for home workouts, because not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym. One of the most popular home workouts is the Jillian Michaels exercise routine. How to practice it - read our material.
14-06-2024, 13:01 Admin 741
A jump rope is a sports attribute that is familiar to us from school physical education lessons. If at school you avoided practicing with a jump rope, then it was in vain. And we suggest you make up for lost time over the years and come to your senses, armed with a jump rope.