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I decided to try the new product on myself at the KRUA beauty salon, located on Shelepikhinskaya embankment 34, building 2. Massage specialist Evgeniy told me in detail how the procedure would go.
He also noted that now, on the eve of spring, RSL sculpting is among the top procedures chosen by women.
“The roller-handle is moved around the body and affects problem areas with the help of spheres. Already after the first procedure, a “tightened effect” is visible, LED therapy is responsible for this, thanks to which natural collagen and elastin are produced, shares Evgeniy. “And what’s important is that the effect lasts for a long time.” Let `s start?"
Another body: what can RSL sculpture do?

Evgeniy began working on the body from the popliteal and groin areas to start the lymph and then using the massage technique - calf muscles, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck. It really didn’t hurt, a pleasant warmth on the skin, a slight tingling sensation - that’s what you can feel. And it tickled a little when the roller touched my feet. By the way, the effect of the device on the feet is very important - many key points responsible for the health of various body systems are concentrated here. In an hour we “treated” all my problem areas and, as Evgeniy promised, dispersed the lymph well.
Another body: what can RSL sculpture do?

I realized how well it was dispersed the very next day after the procedure. My favorite jeans became noticeably looser, my upper abs were defined, the relief of my arms appeared, and my skin became velvety to the touch - as happens after applying a good salt scrub. What an effect!
On the same day I signed up for the second session - I wanted to consolidate the results obtained immediately. It only turned out that there should be a break of at least three days between procedures. But it should be noted that Evgeniy was right; the effect of the first procedure did not decrease during this time. On the contrary, it seemed to have accumulated: the muscles of the buttocks became rounded and elastic, and irregularities were smoothed out.
Another pleasant plus: I began to sleep better. The calming effect of RSL sculpting works like chamomile tea at night. An hour on the massage table and you can forget about insomnia, from which I often suffered due to constant stress.
And after five procedures, another truth was revealed - I wanted to take more care of myself. It’s not in vain that they say that the more a woman invests in herself, the less desire she has to make her body worse.
In six months I plan to take the course again - with love for myself!
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5 things that make a woman look provincial A sense of style is a quality that not everyone is endowed with. The paradox is that you can have a few basic things in your wardrobe and create stylish looks every day, but you can spend half your salary on buying a lot of clothes and still look cheap. For various reasons, many of our compatriots from small towns belong to the second type. For them (and others), we've collected five outdated items that you can get rid of to make a positive contribution to your new style.]]> 5 things that make a woman look provincial

Shorts have long gone beyond the frayed micro-models that all fashionistas once wore. Now this wardrobe item is presented to us in a variety of options - cotton, metallic, elongated and loose. However, among all the variety of shorts, some of them have finally and irrevocably “settled” in the heads of Russian women as the most fashionable. Yes, yes, we are talking about leather shorts.
Our beauties especially like to wear these shorts in the winter season, always with tights and, of course, boots. It’s even better if the shorts have a ribbon belt made of the same material so that you can tie a bow. So: it’s better to forget about such shorts once and for all, and with them about that “time of troubles” in your wardrobe. It is best to replace leather shorts with strict elongated models, or play with the material and get foil Bermuda shorts.
Fitted jackets
5 things that make a woman look provincial

This sophisticated basic jacket (necessarily with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows!) was once worn even by Chiara Ferragni, combining it with her equally favorite skinny jeans and western boots with fringe. Yes, we don’t argue, once upon a time fitted jackets really were a staple and would go with any outfit, but today they are outdated. The complaint, by the way, is not about the item itself—not a single fashionista can do without jackets today. However, instead of fitted models, we advise you to opt for oversized ones - it will be more convenient, and there will be more options for combination.
Fur jackets
5 things that make a woman look provincial

Just recently we talked about how the stunning style of Russian girls Slavic Bimbo is gaining momentum in the West. However, those vests that will be discussed now are in no way related to the luxury that real bimbo represent.
At some point, the passion for fur vests among provincial women got out of control: this fluffy accessory began to be worn all year round (and even sometimes in the summer). In winter, they like to combine it with UGG boots or their favorite boots paired with mini ones, and in early spring, fashionistas change their shoes to stilettos. This, by the way, is one of the most recognizable things; after looking at it, foreigners immediately recognize Russian girls.
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How to style unwashed hair beautifully? The famous hair stylist, co-author and lecturer of the sensational “Beautiful Hair Marathon” Elena Nevmerzhitskaya published a post on social networks about what to do with your hair if it is no longer fresh and you don’t want to wash your hair at all.]]> Beautiful hair marathon
Sometimes in the morning we don’t have time or we’re not in the mood to wash our hair. There is a way to tidy up your hair and get through the day with beautiful hair. Restyling is not delaying washing, but caring for clean, but already crumpled hair,
— writes Elena Nevmerzhitskaya.
Beautiful hair marathon
The second level of the “Beautiful Hair Marathon” from Anita Lutsenko and Elena Nevmerzhitskaya, which starts on November 1, has been prepared about restyling and other techniques important for hair care. New topics and invited experts (nutritionist, trichologist) will help you increase the beauty and quality of your curls. Everyone can participate, even if you haven’t passed the first level.
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Hairstyles for prom 2024: trends and best options Prom is the most important event for a girl. After all, you really want to shine on your last day at school, college or university. An important element of any look is the hairstyle. We have selected the best hair styles for any hair length!]]> The classics are still popular: various braids, ponytails and buns are on trend.
Bulky hairstyles will look inappropriate for prom; such “structures” on the head should be abandoned.
Features of choosing a hairstyle for prom 2024
The choice of prom dress will influence what hairstyle the graduate should choose. The hairstyle should match the style of the outfit, and should also be matched to the shape of the face and length of hair.
Hairstyles for prom 2024: trends and best options - photo #1
Loose hair goes well with open dresses. And for closed ones, you should choose a hairstyle with gathered hair to show all the beauty of the neck area.
A fairly common mistake is choosing a hairstyle from a fashion magazine - completely ignoring individual features of appearance, such as face shape.
The triangular shape looks great with side curls and asymmetrically cut/styled bangs.
A square face is a face that has approximately the same width and length, with prominent cheekbones. A short bob haircut, a ladder hairstyle or a cascade is perfect for this type of face. Waves will perfectly smooth out rough facial features, side strands and asymmetrical bangs will also contribute to this.
A round face shape will appear longer if you cut your hair below the chin, use a side part and side-swept bangs. Elongation of the face will be facilitated by such techniques as backcombing or combing on the top of the head, or voluminous hairstyles.
The great thing about an oval face is that any hairstyle can suit it.
Prom hairstyles 2024 for long hair
Girls who have long hair will suit romantic images that can be created using chaotic small curls or large massive curls. Small curls can be pre-twisted onto curling irons by treating the strands with styling products - gel, foam. In the morning, the curls are untwisted and sprayed with hairspray.
Hairstyles for prom 2024: trends and best options - photo No. 2
Prom hairstyles 2024 for medium hair length
For graduates with medium-length hair, hairpins with beads, stones, ribbons or flowers can become distinctive elements. You can try creating twisted flagella around a head that has asymmetrical bangs. When laying strands on one side, you should gradually twist them, securing them with hairpins.
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15 Interesting Facts About Red Lipstick ]]> It turns out that even the ancient Egyptians used a purple-red dye taken from seaweed with the addition of iodine and bromine as lipstick. Because bromine is poisonous, this remedy is called the “kiss of death.”
It is believed that Cleopatra painted her lips with a mixture made from red pigment obtained from grated red ants and beetles.
15 interesting facts about red lipstick - photo #1
In 1770, the English Parliament passed a law banning red lipstick because it was believed that women with red lips were witches who seduced men. A girl could be burned at the stake for her scarlet lips. Even Queen Victoria (1819−1901) opposed makeup and lipstick, explaining that wearing makeup was vulgar. Red lipstick was considered a sign of frivolity.
Red lipstick, in stick form, appeared in 1883 and was made from deer fat, castor oil and beeswax. French perfumers presented a new product at the World Exhibition in Amsterdam.
Style icon Coco Chanel believed that red lipstick should accompany us throughout our lives. After all, red lipstick is a symbol of a strong woman.
15 interesting facts about red lipstick - photo #2

Marilyn Monroe wore 5 layers of lipstick and loved shade No. 522 of Guerlain's Kiss Kiss lipstick.
15 interesting facts about red lipstick - photo #3
Red lipstick sells best on cloudy days.
During the Renaissance, scarlet lipstick was used not only by women, but also by men! In France, at the trial of Louis XVI, representatives of the stronger sex lined their lips to make them more visible against the background of their mustache and beard.
Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) loved red lipstick so much that she demanded that only she wear red lips in her films.
15 interesting facts about red lipstick - photo #4
Scientists from the University of Southern Brittany conducted an experiment asking waitresses to wear red, pink, brown lipstick or even avoid it altogether. They were required to serve 447 customers in three restaurants in the city of Vannes. Girls who wore red lipstick received three times more tips. We can conclude that red lipstick makes men splurge.
$62,000 is the cost of the world's most expensive lip product. Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick boasts this price. Her tube is made of 18-karat gold and decorated with diamonds and rubies. It is produced, of course, to individual order.
15 interesting facts about red lipstick - photo #5
The shelf life of lipstick before use is 1.5–2 years. After opening the package - no more than 5-6 months. A change in texture, smell or shade is a signal to replace it. Using expired lipstick can lead to cheilitis - this is the name for damage to the skin of the lips, causing severe redness and the formation of transverse cracks and dry crusts.
Over the course of a lifetime, a woman “eats” approximately 4.5 kg of lipstick. A man ingests about 1.5 kg through kissing.
In the days of black and white TV, video cameras used red filters. Because of this, natural lip color or red lipstick on the screen looked faded and lost against the background of the face. To avoid “bleaching,” the makeup artists used green lipstick instead of red lipstick.
When Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (88) prepared for her coronation in 1953, she ordered a custom lipstick shade that would perfectly match her dress. The resulting cool red color was called "Balmoral" - after her castle in Scotland.
15 interesting facts about red lipstick - photo #6
How often do you wear red lipstick?
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Cool summer foundations: 9 best options ]]> Dior Forever Natural Nude
The fresh and light texture of the Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation allows you to achieve a natural and radiant coverage without the effect of a mask, allowing the skin to breathe from morning to evening. The coverage is perfect even for 24 hours.
Cool summer foundations: 10 best options - photo #1
Price — 1887 UAH
Les Beiges Eau de Teint Water-Fresh Tint, Chanel
CHANEL creates EAU DE TEINT, the first fluid tint based on microfluidic technology. Imperfections are less noticeable, the skin is smoothed, the tone is evened out. The coverage is light and translucent. The included ergonomic brush allows you to apply the product evenly and easily.
Cool summer foundations: 10 best options - photo #2
Cool summer foundations: 10 best options - photo #3
Price — 1454 UAH
Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow, Givenchy
Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow foundation was created by experts of the French brand specifically for the most reliable makeup.
The long-lasting hybrid formula is based on 97% ingredients of natural origin. Active components carefully moisturize and smooth the skin, nourish and soften, and provide long-lasting comfort.
Cool summer foundations: 10 best options - photo #4
Price — 1791 UAH
Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, Fenty Beauty
The Eaze Drop tinting cream formula contains a special HydraBlend complex, which provides the same effect of skin without makeup. This foundation will become your best friend, even on those days when you simply don't have time for a full makeup look.
Cool summer foundations: 10 best options - photo #5
Price - £25.00
Sports BB Compact SPF 50, Shiseido
This product provides an even, long-lasting and light coverage that is not felt on the skin and does not distract from activities. This product is a good choice for light everyday makeup that can also be worn to the gym.]]>
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How to apply lipstick to make them look bigger ]]> Cosmetics that will help enlarge your lips with makeup
Base for lipstick. In addition to increasing the durability of the lipstick, the base evens out the skin texture of the lips and fills cracks that “eat up” volume.
How to put on lipstick to make them look bigger - photo #1
Pomade. Bright colors attract attention and, in the case of lip makeup, can visually enlarge them. True, you need to approach the choice of shades wisely - for example, dark lipsticks usually work to reduce volume.
How to apply makeup to your lips to visually enlarge them - photo No. 2
Pencil. Nothing catastrophic will happen if you go slightly beyond the lip contour. Using this technique, makeup artists create the effect of plump lips when preparing stars for a red carpet appearance.
CHANEL lip pencil set, 12 pcs: sale, price in Kharkov. lip pencils from "Site Pomadka Shop" - 1173052009
Shine. Just apply a small drop of this product to your lips and they will become more voluminous. This result can be achieved thanks to the optical effect of radiance.
How to apply makeup to your lips to visually enlarge them - photo No. 4
Highlighter. This product has the ability to “highlight” the skin, so it can also come in handy.
How to apply makeup to your lips to visually enlarge them - photo No. 5
Plumper. This is simply a beauty find for those who want to enlarge their lips. The product contains substances that either improve blood circulation and thereby actually enlarge lips (menthol, cinnamon, ginger), or stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. After using it, you usually feel a slight tingling sensation.
FulLips (Fullips) plumper for lip augmentation, price 5490 Tenge, buy in Almaty - (ID#39070051)
How to visually enlarge your lips with makeup: step-by-step instructions
In order to achieve the desired result, it is worth knowing how and in what sequence to use makeup application techniques.
Preparation. To begin, use a primer to even out the skin of your lips, fill in uneven skin texture, and also ensure the durability of your lipstick.
Circuit. Trace the outline of the lip with a pencil, slightly going beyond the outer contour. Then shade the skin of the lips over the entire surface so that after applying lipstick the color is dense.
Pomade. Give preference to light, bright shades - juicy red, carrot and lilac. The ideal option would be a lipstick with a creamy texture. It creates a natural, dewy glow that makes lips appear fuller. Apply lipstick with the stick itself - this will make the color more saturated.
How to put on lipstick to make them look bigger - photo #7
Highlighter. There are several ways to accentuate the “swoosh” of your upper lip. The first is using a white kajal pencil with pearlescent particles. The second is with the help of a highlighter, and you can use both liquid and powder.
Shine. Using your fingertips, apply a drop of gloss to the central part of your lips so that the product literally merges with the texture of the lipstick.
What not to do to make your lips look plump
In order to achieve the desired result, many people make mistakes that, on the contrary, make their lips visually smaller. We tell you what you need to remember to avoid a negative effect.
Dark shades of lipsticks should only be used if you are sure that loss of lip volume will not ruin your look. Dark lipstick always makes your lips look thinner than they are.
How to apply makeup to your lips to visually enlarge them - photo #8
The contour of the lips should be clear. Therefore, make it a rule, when doing makeup with an emphasis on the lips, to always use a pencil before applying lipstick.
Remember: matte texture does not add volume to your lips. Especially if you focus on your lips with a rich, deep shade.]]>
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Makeup for a romantic date: choose according to eye color It is better to use eye shadow in cool tones: from silver to bluish. Green ones will also be relevant. Brown eyeshadow makes your eyes look heavy, so put them away on the shelf. But if you plan to wear a pink dress or take the same handbag, bright shades of pink shades will only emphasize the romantic look.]]> It is better to use eye shadow in cool tones: from silver to bluish. Green ones will also be relevant. Brown eyeshadow makes your eyes look heavy, so put them away on the shelf. But if you plan to wear a pink dress or take the same handbag, bright shades of pink shades will only emphasize the romantic look.
Here is just one of the makeup options:
Mark the crease of the upper eyelid with black shadows.
Make its middle dark blue.
Outline the eyelid with a black pencil and blend it.
Also apply blue mascara to your eyelashes.
To define a dramatic look, dab some white eyeshadow under your brow bone.
Green eyes
For green-eyed girls, lilac and purple shades are suitable. White and pink will add romance. The application technique is simple:
Cover the moving eyelid with white shadows.
Apply pink shadows to its upper part.
Using lilac we draw an arrow in the upward direction, trying not to go behind the eye.
Draw the top of the moving eyelid with dark purple shadows.
In addition to the indicated shades, silver, blue, brown and golden shadows are suitable for ladies with green eyes.
Brown eyes
Owners of brown eyes are not limited in color range. True, for a romantic make-up it is still better not to use black shadows and green arrows. If you have fair skin, you can completely repeat the makeup for green eyes. If you are dark-skinned, replace lilac with beige, purple with brown, and pink with peach.
And finally, one more piece of advice: when going on a romantic date, do not use lipstick and contour pencil - use only lip gloss.
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Men's hairstyle trends 2021: undercut, Canadian, military, boxing and others Previously, we introduced you to the trends in women's haircuts and hairstyles for 2021. Now we invite you to understand the main trends in men's haircuts.]]> Undercut haircut
The most characteristic feature of the undercut haircut is the contrast between the top and sides of the hair; the length at the crown is left, while the back of the head and temples are cut very short or shaved off altogether. This style is perfect for men with a round, oval, or square face shape.

The Canadian style combines classic and modern styles. It has many options, depending on the length of the hair, although it also applies to short haircuts.
The hairdresser cuts the hair using an oblique cut, in a downward direction, the strands should be smaller and smaller, and the transition should be smooth and imperceptible. In the occipital and temporal regions the strands are significantly shorter. The transition to long strands begins from the top of the head, and the transition from the frontal part to the ears should be smooth and imperceptible.

The British woman suits almost every man. In the temporal region and at the back of the head, it is important to create smooth transitions in hair length. The bangs are usually laid on the side, and the emphasis is on reducing the length of the strands; it is the length that dictates how the hairstyle will look.
This haircut is ideal for men with thin hair or receding hairlines, it hides those weak spots in the hair and improves your appearance. Also, owners of thick hair can safely choose this haircut, thanks to thinning.

Military is often called a military haircut because it is used in the army. It opens up the face and emphasizes the shape of the skull, so if your man has a prominent skull, then it is better to avoid this hairstyle.]]>
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Manicure designs that will last more than a month Don't have time to visit a nail salon often? Then we offer you a selection of fashionable nail art, with which even overgrown nails will look neat.]]> And if you don’t have the time or opportunity to update it, then our selection below is for you! We have collected the best ideas for “long-lasting” manicure.
Manicure with coating from the middle of the nail
Usually, a manicure with a catchy color grows out quickly, so it often needs to be redone. But with this design, you can go bold with colorful shades.

Manicure with ribbons
Scotch tape for manicure is perhaps one of the simplest decorative elements. It is best to glue the tape under gel polish, in which case it will last longer.
Gradient manicure
Gradient designs will also last a long time - especially those made with glitter and applied directly to your nail plate rather than a base coat of polish.
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