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30-04-2024, 11:29 Admin 172
Summer has come, which means it's time to think about the beauty of your legs. Perfect smoothness, an even tan and no flaws - all these delights are guaranteed to come from liquid tights. What kind of miracle is this, how and why to use it - read in our material!
30-04-2024, 11:29 Admin 658
It doesn't get any easier hour by hour. New terrible news has appeared that leaves no one indifferent...
29-04-2024, 11:45 Admin 145
Prom makeup is an important part of the festive look. The period has come when girls begin to choose the ideal hairstyle and make-up for prom. This is so exciting!
29-04-2024, 11:45 Admin 245
Eyelash extensions have become a popular salon procedure over the past few years. Thanks to it, you can save time on makeup in the morning and get a good night's sleep. But there are certain rules for caring for eyelash extensions. You should be especially careful in the first few hours after the
22-04-2024, 11:30 Admin 55 830
Everyone wants to be happy and healthy regardless of age. Maybe you're a teenager learning to be comfortable in your skin. Or you are already over 60 and you are also getting to know yourself again.
16-04-2024, 10:30 Admin 1 685
Scientists at Ben-Gurion University in Israel conducted an experiment to determine how safe and effective regular consumption of red wine could be for people with a certain set of diseases. The experiment involved 224 people with type II diabetes, which is why they do not drink alcohol at all.
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