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30-04-2024, 11:29 Admin 201
Popular singer Selena Gomez appeared on two covers of the influential gloss Vogue. Thus, the celebrity posed for Australian and Singaporean publications, showing stylish looks from world-famous designers. Let's see!
22-04-2024, 11:30 Admin 58 220
Everyone wants to be happy and healthy regardless of age. Maybe you're a teenager learning to be comfortable in your skin. Or you are already over 60 and you are also getting to know yourself again.
16-04-2024, 10:30 Admin 1 690
Scientists at Ben-Gurion University in Israel conducted an experiment to determine how safe and effective regular consumption of red wine could be for people with a certain set of diseases. The experiment involved 224 people with type II diabetes, which is why they do not drink alcohol at all.
7-04-2024, 09:30 Admin 1 565
Now the attention of the world community is focused on the situation in the United States. Let us remind you that a wave of protests swept America in connection with the murder of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota). Millions of people, including celebrities, public figures,
29-03-2024, 02:25 Admin 278
It's no secret that the most high-tech products are now produced in Asia, not in Europe. Due to the abundance of unfamiliar terms, it can be difficult for beginners to understand the Korean routine. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of the most popular beauty products that you should
22-03-2024, 19:51 Admin 3 369
We'll look at the various causes of hair damage and hair loss, and share tips and tricks you can use to speed up hair growth at home. At what speed does hair grow? The American Academy of Dermatology states that hair grows 1.5 cm per month. Thus, in a year, hair can grow to approximately 18 cm in
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