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» » 5 compelling reasons to inspire you to do yoga
5 compelling reasons to inspire you to do yoga
Anna Olitskaya is not only a yoga lover, but also a professional in this matter. She has been practicing yoga for eight years, received a diploma as an instructor, and teaches this art to others.

Anna also talked about her first impression of yoga; at first she was not delighted. But after several sessions, her attitude towards yoga changed dramatically.

Thanks to yoga, the woman quickly got into shape after giving birth and now always remains in good shape, and the reviews about this type of activity are only positive.

Anna Olitskaya yoga 2020
At first I found yoga boring. It was only on the third try that I realized that this type of exercise was right for me. It was during my pregnancy that I started training individually. She gave birth in just five hours, using breathing techniques during contractions. This helped a lot! After the birth of my son, I continued to study, and the results were not long in coming. And then I realized that yoga really works.

And now we invite you to familiarize yourself with five reasons why you should take up yoga today.


“Indian yogis say that as long as the spine is flexible, a person is young,” shares Anna. Regular yoga classes help develop flexibility, at any age. Flexibility is both the elasticity of ligaments and muscles, and the mobility of joints.

Anna Olitskaya yoga 2020

Muscles are toned

“Unlike other sports, yoga does not cause muscle spasms,” explains Anna. — By consciously performing each movement, you gradually lengthen your muscles, toning them. This is the key to a toned figure.

Anna Olitskaya yoga 2020

Improving the respiratory system

“Breathing in yoga is one of the key points,” says the presenter. “Thanks to yoga, we focus on our breathing, and exercise strengthens our cardiovascular system.

Anna Olitskaya yoga 2020

Knowing yourself

“Yoga strengthens our body and calms our mind,” says Olitskaya. — During classes, we devote time to ourselves, take a break from everyday affairs, and learn about the capabilities of our body.

Anna Olitskaya yoga 2020

Victory over stress and depression

“Every day we experience stress in one way or another, be it at work or at home,” says Anya. — During yoga, we relieve tension by focusing on our breathing. We abstract ourselves from the bustle around us, forgetting about all the problems that concern us. You should devote at least 20 minutes a day to this. And you will see the result!

Anna Olitskaya yoga 2020

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