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» » How to remove nasolabial folds: 4 life hacks
How to remove nasolabial folds: 4 life hacks
It should be noted that wrinkles do not appear suddenly: yesterday everything was fine, but the next day they did not appear. At first, a small hint of a wrinkle appears on the face, and only after some time does a full-fledged wrinkle form. You need to deal with nasolabial folds precisely at the stage of hinting at the problem.
Age-related nasolabial folds usually appear at the age of 40.
How to deal with nasolabial folds?
Nasolabial folds have a treacherous quality - they instantly add several years to a girl’s appearance. Moreover, if they appear due to facial expressions, they will become deeper over time, and this will become a real problem even before reaching the age of 40. Therefore, if there is a hint of a problem, you need to take the following measures.
Beauty careкосметика против носогубных складок
The first thing to do when there is a hint of the appearance of nasolabial folds is to change your care. Yes, yes, it’s time to use products that will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and also enhance skin regeneration.
Now there are many lines on the market that protect the skin from premature aging. It is also very important to choose not only a cream, but also a foundation that will not only mask imperfections, but also take care of your skin throughout the day. Cosmetologists advise turning your attention to Korean BB creams, as well as foundations from luxury and pharmacy brands.
Don’t forget about the use of face masks: when the first hints of nasolabial wrinkles appear, you should include alginate masks and restorative night masks in your arsenal (they can easily be found among Korean brands).
Peelingносогубные складки
Еще одним доступным и действенным методом от носогубных складок является пилинг. Относительно выбора кислоты и определения нужного процента в составе лучше всего посоветоваться со своим косметологом. Он сможет подобрать тот препарат, который вам нужен конкретно в этот момент. 
Помимо борьбы с морщинами, профессиональные пилинги улучшают цвет лица, уменьшают жирность, сужают поры и делают кожу более свежей. Главное, не забывайте защищать кожу от солнца после применения кислот. Это касается, как самого пилингового периода, так и времени уже после него.

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