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» » 5 things that make a woman look provincial
5 things that make a woman look provincial
Leather shorts
5 things that make a woman look provincial

Shorts have long gone beyond the frayed micro-models that all fashionistas once wore. Now this wardrobe item is presented to us in a variety of options - cotton, metallic, elongated and loose. However, among all the variety of shorts, some of them have finally and irrevocably “settled” in the heads of Russian women as the most fashionable. Yes, yes, we are talking about leather shorts.
Our beauties especially like to wear these shorts in the winter season, always with tights and, of course, boots. It’s even better if the shorts have a ribbon belt made of the same material so that you can tie a bow. So: it’s better to forget about such shorts once and for all, and with them about that “time of troubles” in your wardrobe. It is best to replace leather shorts with strict elongated models, or play with the material and get foil Bermuda shorts.
Fitted jackets
5 things that make a woman look provincial

This sophisticated basic jacket (necessarily with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows!) was once worn even by Chiara Ferragni, combining it with her equally favorite skinny jeans and western boots with fringe. Yes, we don’t argue, once upon a time fitted jackets really were a staple and would go with any outfit, but today they are outdated. The complaint, by the way, is not about the item itself—not a single fashionista can do without jackets today. However, instead of fitted models, we advise you to opt for oversized ones - it will be more convenient, and there will be more options for combination.
Fur jackets
5 things that make a woman look provincial

Just recently we talked about how the stunning style of Russian girls Slavic Bimbo is gaining momentum in the West. However, those vests that will be discussed now are in no way related to the luxury that real bimbo represent.
At some point, the passion for fur vests among provincial women got out of control: this fluffy accessory began to be worn all year round (and even sometimes in the summer). In winter, they like to combine it with UGG boots or their favorite boots paired with mini ones, and in early spring, fashionistas change their shoes to stilettos. This, by the way, is one of the most recognizable things; after looking at it, foreigners immediately recognize Russian girls.
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