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» » Sex on the beach: 5 rules for a bright holiday
Sex on the beach: 5 rules for a bright holiday
Rule #1
Don’t forget that lying on uncovered sand is a dubious pleasure that will most likely bring discomfort to both of you. Therefore, do not be lazy to take at least a blanket with you - large enough to protect yourself from sand getting into secluded places. An air mattress is even better, especially if you're heading to a pebble beach.
Keep in mind: all the buzz from sex will disappear as soon as you feel a terrible burning sensation in your private parts, which is caused by the ingress of fine sand. Be careful and prudent.
Rule #2
You can’t do without sex equipment on the beach. We have already said about the bedspread, add antiseptic, water, condoms, sunscreen to this list. The latter should under no circumstances be used as a lubricant, but do not forget that you are in the sun and it is unlikely that any of you will want to get sunburned.
Beach accessories will also come in handy:
Sun lounger and umbrella. Excellent shelter and salvation from the merciless sun. You can move the lounger as close to the water as possible and go about your business. Swimmers, as a rule, are not very interested in what is happening outside the water.
Air mattress. Having sex on it is absolutely uncomfortable. At best, in a second you will find yourself in the water. It's like riding a sled on asphalt. But on a rocky beach it is indispensable - as an addition to a towel. Pareo. Another way to hide from prying eyes without burying yourself in the sand and swimming behind buoys. Place your partner on the lounger, sit yourself in a spacious pareo on top, with your back to the man. Let your partner do his best to pretend that he is giving you a massage.
sex on the beach
Rule #3
Remember the insects! Most likely, the evening or night beach will be full of mosquitoes. In addition to them, other crawling, flying and jumping small creatures may also annoy you. The best option is to spray some mosquito repellent around. Just don’t buy too strong, so as not to suffocate in this “fragrant” cloud.
Rule #4
If you have long dreamed of trying to have sex in water, your finest hour has come! Just keep in mind: it’s better not to start in the sea, but to continue, because the water quickly washes away the natural lubrication secreted by women.
Important: only salt water is suitable for water sex, since fresh water in summer is home to countless bacteria and viruses.
Rule #5
When abroad, make sure to first familiarize yourself with some of the laws of a particular country. If you are “caught” doing an unambiguous activity on the Bulgarian beaches, you will get off with an educational conversation, but in Spain there is a risk of paying an impressive fine for “debauchery” - up to 1800 euros. Now imagine how the authorities of a Muslim country - Egypt or the UAE - will react to your sexual adventure. For couples who do not have a marriage certificate, and especially representatives of sexual minorities, even simple hugs and kisses are threatened with deportation outside the emirate and problems with obtaining a new visa. And in general they can throw stones...
sex on the beach
Safe poses
Sea breeze
For this position, you cannot do without a wide mattress that is stable on the water, on which a man can lie so that his partner can reach his penis with her lips. In terms of execution, this technique is a regular blowjob, but in combination with the marine surroundings it is completely transformed and filled with new sensations.
No discrimination, but the pose is for men with strong arms. The partner places his feet shoulder-width apart and takes the woman in his arms, picking her up under the hips. She, in turn, can hug her partner by the shoulders. The main movements are performed by the partner, since the man needs to maintain balance with the weight of two bodies.
Marine doggy style
Firstly, doggy style is one of the safest positions for lovemaking on the beach. The risk of sand getting in and causing injury is minimal. Secondly, this pose involves an option in the water. The only difference is that the partner needs to hold on to the side or mattress so that her head is above the water. The man supports his lady by the waist and makes friction. This position allows you to stimulate the G-spot well.
He who is aware is armed. Now you can safely dive into the whirlpool of beach passion. Enjoy everyone!
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