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» » Trendy hairstyles you'll want to try again
Trendy hairstyles you'll want to try again
Fashionable hairstyles 2021
Afro curls
You can do this hairstyle in several ways:
Using curlers. To achieve afro curls, you will need the smallest diameter curlers, and the strands should be quite thin so that the curls are truly tiny. Apply curl-forming gel to damp, clean hair along the entire length, wrap the strands in curlers, and then wrap your head in a towel or put on a cap. In the morning, carefully unwind the curlers and lightly dry the strands with a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment.
Fashionable hairstyles that you will want to repeat - photo No. 1
Using a curling iron or corrugation. An express option that will help you get the desired hairstyle on the same day. You will need reliable styling (mousse) and a curling iron or crimp iron. The recommendations are the same as for the method with curlers: the minimum thickness of the strands to obtain small curls. Start curling with the strands of the lower level. Attention: styling is done on dry hair!
Fashionable hairstyles that you will want to repeat - photo No. 2
High bun
Step-by-step technique:
Comb your hair along the entire length. A high bun looks best on clean hair, but it can also be done on the second or third day after washing your hair. In the second case, dry shampoo will help refresh and structure your curls.
Tie your hair into a high ponytail. If you want to create a more voluminous look, apply texturizing spray along the entire length and gently comb through the strands.
Wrap the tail around the base. Depending on your mood, your hairstyle can be casual or more formal.
Secure the ends securely with bobby pins and then set with hairspray to prevent frizz and flyaways.
Fashionable hairstyles that you will want to repeat - photo No. 3
Ponytail with a braid
Styling is easy to do on your own, but for festive styling with false ponytails, openwork weaves, decorated with stylish jewelry, it is better to turn to professionals. To style your hair at home, you will need a little time and a standard set of tools:
a comb and a flat comb, which allows you to comb strands without creases that have escaped from the total mass of strands;
wax, lipstick, which are used for perfectly smooth tails;
cream or oil is necessary for curly curls; they make unruly strands soft and elastic;
mousse and foam are useful for root volume;
curling iron, straightening iron - expand the variations of hairstyles by first curling or straightening the curls;
elastic bands and bobby pins fix the hairstyle; it is worth choosing high-quality accessories that do not injure the stem structure.
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