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14-06-2024, 13:01 Admin 278
Alexander Pedan and Natalya Ezhova told how not to lose passion in routine and maintain a happy marriage. It’s worth taking note of current advice.
3-06-2024, 13:26 Admin 736
If you only associate “Sex on the Beach” with a cocktail, it’s time to reveal all the secrets of this phrase. What to wear, where to run and what to take with you for sex adventures on the beach - read our article.
2-05-2024, 10:54 Admin 938
Sex on silk sheets is boring, you’ve been planning to try something new for a long time, the level of adrenaline in your blood needs to be increased here and now... To have sex outdoors, you don’t need to specifically look for an excuse or wait for the right moment.
30-04-2024, 11:29 Admin 821
Jewelry has long ceased to be a way to demonstrate one’s well-being and “luxurious” taste, which is so often mentioned in glossy magazines. This is about your “I”, individuality, about the ability to create your own fashion with the help of correctly placed accents. Jewelry is about the art of
26-03-2024, 12:54 Admin 321
"Swan Lake" can be arranged for one instrument - the result is a gentle and quiet melody. Or you can perform it with a symphony orchestra with timpani at the end - and it will be a real catharsis. It's the same with orgasm. It can involve just the clitoris - or the whole body can be involved. Let's
8-10-2021, 14:21 Admin 259
Секс по дружбе — прекрасная реальность без обязательств или иллюзия, разрушающая теплые приятельские отношения? Психолог и сексолог Елена Комиссарчик рассказала, может ли существовать дружба, подкрепленная сексуальными отношениями между мужчиной и женщиной, и какими последствиями чревато решение