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14-06-2024, 13:01 Admin 1 847
The fashion world is slowly starting to come back to life after the pandemic. Many famous designers abandoned shows in the usual format and decided to master new technologies. Thus, the iconic Chanel opened a series of cruise shows in a virtual format. The brand presented the new collection online,
11-06-2024, 12:33 Admin 286
On October 28, our favorite “beauty”, Julia Roberts, blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Since success largely depends on appearance, we decided to take a close look at her dressing style, analyze successful images and fashion failures.
11-06-2024, 12:33 Admin 942
Naomi Campbell celebrates her birthday on May 22. This year the world famous model turns 50 years old. During her career, she managed to become a legend, turn the fashion world upside down and join the ranks of real style dictators. The model became famous not only for her appearance, but also for
18-05-2024, 15:57 Admin 363
A sense of style is a quality that not everyone is endowed with. The paradox is that you can have a few basic things in your wardrobe and create stylish looks every day, but you can spend half your salary on buying a lot of clothes and still look cheap. For various reasons, many of our compatriots
30-04-2024, 11:29 Admin 198
Popular singer Selena Gomez appeared on two covers of the influential gloss Vogue. Thus, the celebrity posed for Australian and Singaporean publications, showing stylish looks from world-famous designers. Let's see!
7-04-2024, 09:30 Admin 1 563
Now the attention of the world community is focused on the situation in the United States. Let us remind you that a wave of protests swept America in connection with the murder of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota). Millions of people, including celebrities, public figures,