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Everyone wants to be happy and healthy regardless of age. Maybe you're a teenager learning to be comfortable in your skin. Or you are already over 60 and you are also getting to know yourself again.
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Scientists at Ben-Gurion University in Israel conducted an experiment to determine how safe and effective regular consumption of red wine could be for people with a certain set of diseases. The experiment involved 224 people with type II diabetes, which is why they do not drink alcohol at all.
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There are many causes of redness in the whites of the eyes. If the process is not accompanied by pain, most likely the problem can be solved at home. Read about the most common causes of eye redness and methods for eliminating them in our material.
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Beetroot or beetroot is truly a Ukrainian vegetable. After all, it is from it that our most favorite national dish is prepared - borscht. But in addition to taste and bright color, beets also have a huge range of beneficial properties for health and beauty. Do you want to know which ones? Read our
Kidney disease has long been considered the main cause of gout. However, now doctors are loudly talking about the important role of the psychological factor in the development of this disease. This is especially true for women. We are more sensitive and strive to earn love, often forgetting that
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Minor pain during menstruation is a normal state of the female body. But if the discomfort is so severe that it forces you to go to bed, it’s time to take action. Don't wait for the pain to go away on its own. Especially if the blood loss is significant. If you have been taught that you can be